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The I-Chinger™ Diary is a SQLite database for storing answers to I Ching questions. The Diary has an entry for "Summary Color" which is unique to the I-Chinger™ application.

The values that can be saved and edited are as follows:

Hexagram #1
Hexagram #2
Summary Color

Hexagram Names used herein are from:
Baynes, Cary F. The I Ching OR Book of Changes
Copyright 1980 by Princeton University Press
Reprinted by Permission of Princeton University Press

Created with Release 3.0


Buttons - Quick Reference


The + Button - Creates a new I-Chinger™ diary page

EDIT - Allows deletion of existing I-Chinger™ diary pages

CANCEL - Stops and Deletes a new I-Chinger™ diary page

SAVE - Stores a new I-Chinger™ diary entry. NOTE: All fields must have an entry to save a new page. Enter an "X" if you have no entry to save the page.  

I-Chinger™ Diary

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Print off Diary Page and record:

If your Expected Result is more accurate than the I-Chinger™, then do not use the I-Chinger™ for that catagory of question. Once the Expected Result, I-Chinger's Forecasted Result and the Actual Result are the same, your intuition has been "tuned" for that specific category of question, you will not need the I-Chinger™ for those types of questions.



Hints for Use


1. Start with your mind in a state of relaxed concentration on your question.

2. Ask about only those things/experiences that you want. Don't ask, "Should I do this?". Ask, "What is the outcome if I select this option?" or "What is the outcome if I do nothing?".

3. Avoid complex questions on such subjects as real estate, future employment, sources of investment, marketing, or the timing of an event. The I-Ching assumes that anyone else involved in the question is equally interested in the result that the questioner desires.

4. Read the I-Ching wisdom for the resulting hexagram(s) by looking up the number(s) received in the classic Wilhelm/Baynes translation (Princeton University Press) or a text such as the Illustrated I-Ching by R. L. Wing (Doubleday Books).

5. The more practice the questioner has using the "Orbital Ring Pendulum" the more accurate will be the results.

6. Use common sense. Don't ask about doing something you don't have the interest, talent, training, time, or power to do.



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