Electronic Oracle!!! dream diviner(TM)... Dream Time & Dream Type?


Buttons - Quick Reference

INSTANT - Gives a quick answer to your question. Press "Instant" twice.

PENDULUM - Uses dowsing technique to divine information specific to your question.

Move finger across colors. When it sticks on a color, lift up finger.

6 INPUTS - Repeat for a total of six times to obtain your answer.

18 INPUTS - Repeat for a total of eighteen times to obtain your answer.

An option button to simulate the 18 coin tosses to produce two hexagrams, present and future. This is the most precise method of divining an answer to your question.


Operating Instructions

  • 1. Ask your question
  • 2. Press "INSTANT" 2 times
  • 3. View answer
  • 4. Or press "PENDULUM" (see NOTE1)
  • 5. Place your finger on the "ORBITAL RING PENDULUM™"
  • (A) "ORBITAL RING PENDULUM" will move automatically
  • Move finger across colors. When it sticks on a color, lift up finger.
  • (B) Repeat 5 times (or 17 times if PENDULUM was selected)
  • (C) View Answer
  • NOTE1: For greater pendulum sensitivity, after pressing the "PENDULUM" button, press the 18 INPUTS option button to increase the sensitivity of the pendulum from from 6 to 18 inputs per question.



    dream diviner™ Diary

    Available FREE at the Apple App Store




    Print off Diary Page and record:

    Last Night's Dream

    1. Record these items from your dream

    2. Record DREAM TIME from dream diviner(TM) Tonight's Dream

    1. Record DREAM TYPE from dream diviner(TM)

    2. Record these items from your dream


    Hints for Use

    A. Past Dream Interpretation

    1. Practice remembering your dreams by keeping your "Dream Diary" and a pencil close to your bed.

    2. Try to change unwanted elements in your dream.

    3. Use a dream dictionary if you find it helpful. Listen only to those comments that sound postive and useful.

    B. Tonight's Dream Programming

    1. Use a candle, or polarized natural light, to amplify the light under the "Dream Type" for tonight. This technique may help in the creation of the the dream programming unconscious (hypnogogic) state.

    2. When to look for a result? The result of your dream programming will occur at one of these times:

    a. As soon as you fall asleep.

    b. In your dream.

    c. Soon after waking.



    Unlike other dream analysis tools, the "Dream Diviner" is designed to be a practical device. The context of dreams is often muddled because time and literal/symbolic elements are all mixed together. The "Dream Diviner" is designed to unravel this complexity.

    "Last Night's Dream" is the part of the "Dream Diviner" which will clarify the conscious time that is being referred to. If the dream is in the "Past" it is a symbolic message. If the dream is in the "Future" is is concerning a literal event. "Present" dreams are a mix of symbolic and literal events.


    Orbital Ring Pendulum


    Pendulums and divining rods are familiar to many as tools of dowsers used in locating water wells. In France, Abbe' Mermet was the recognized master dowser who became famous for extending the usefulness of the pendulum from the search for water to locating oil and other minerals. Abbe' Mermet also demonstrated the practical use of maps as "witnesses" of remote geographical sites instead of visiting the site in person. In England, dowsing is called radiesthesia. Practitioners of radiesthesia have successfully expanded the scope of the pendulum into the area of question and answer techniques for any subject. Itzhak Bentov in his book Stalking the Wild Pendulum states that the pendulum works because it can readily change state, that is, from motion to rest (stopped) based on the concept of an energy-based (on/off) "blinking" universe which allows for change and growth complemented by stability and form. Bentov states that an orbital pointer will function as well as a pendulum suspended on a string.

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