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Electronic Oracle!!! dream diviner(TM)... Dream Time (Last Night)?... Dream Type (Tonight)?


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The dream diviner™ Diary is a SQLite database for storing the results of a last night's dream query or tonight's dream selection.

The Diary stores entries by dream type: PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE, DELIGHT, HEALING, or Q&A.
The values that can be saved and edited are as follows:

Dream Type
People in Dream
Dream Action
How I Felt

Double tapping on "People in Dream", "Dream Action", or "How I Felt" will expand the item once information has been entered.

NOTE: Only those fields that highlight when tapped will expand in a new page. Field highlighting clears when control returns to the Diary detail page.

This application is designed to compliment and work with the dream diviner™ application.

Created with Release 3.0


Buttons - Quick Reference


The + Button - Creates a new dream diary page

EDIT - Allows deletion of existing dream diary pages

CANCEL - Stops and Deletes a new dream diary page

SAVE - Stores a new dream diary entry. NOTE: All fields must have an entry to save a new page. Enter an "X" if you have no entry to save the page.  

dream diviner™ Diary

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Print off Diary Page and record:

Last Night's Dream

1. Record these items from your dream

2. Record DREAM TIME from dream diviner(TM) Tonight's Dream

1. Record DREAM TYPE from dream diviner(TM)

2. Record these items from your dream


Hints for Use

A. Past Dream Interpretation

1. Practice remembering your dreams by keeping your "Dream Diary" and a pencil close to your bed.

2. Try to change unwanted elements in your dream.

3. Use a dream dictionary if you find it helpful. Listen only to those comments that sound postive and useful.

B. Tonight's Dream Programming

1. Use a candle, or polarized natural light, to amplify the light under the "Dream Type" for tonight. This technique may help in the creation of the the dream programming unconscious (hypnogogic) state.

2. When to look for a result? The result of your dream programming will occur at one of these times:

a. As soon as you fall asleep.

b. In your dream.

c. Soon after waking.



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